"The voice of nonpublic education in Illinois"

Goals and Strategies:



To be the voice of nonpublic education in Illinois
  • Keep member schools informed of our activities.
  • Invite member school input.
  • Schedule no less than four ICNS meetings a year.


To advocate nonpublic education

  • Dialogue with State Superintendent of Schools, Regional Superintendents, Illinois State Board of Education, State Legislators with information identifying ICNS as group advocating for interests of nonpublic education.


To communicate with the leadership of public education

  • Maintain a list of priority issues for each member of the ICNS organization, updated regularly.
  • Prepare a list of legislators, Regional Superintendents, ISBE staff and members with whom we plan regular contact as individual ICNS members.
  • Attend ISBE and Regional Superintendents meetings as often as possible.

To monitor legislation

  • Increase communication among the organizations that comprise the ICNS with regard to legislative and regulatory activity.
  • Access information available from other like-minded groups on specific issues.
  • Engage services of a registered lobbyist and monitor legislation related to nonpublic schools.






ICNS is the voice of the nonpublic school community representing 20 different nonpublic school associations.  On behalf of our member schools, ICNS will:

  • Advocate funding for the Illinois Textbook Loan Program and the Parent Transportation Reimbursement Program.
  • Advocate funding for the maintenance and increase in Tuition Tax Credits.
  • Support for School Choice legislation and efforts of the Illinois Kids Campaign.
  • Consult with Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) in maintaining a nonpublic school friendly as well as high quality Nonpublic School Recognition review process.
  • Vigilantly defend a parent's right to select the best education for their child and a school's right to pursue the unique mission of their individual charter.