"The voice of nonpublic education in Illinois"

ICNS Legislative Involvement  


Each year, the Illinois General Assembly introduces over 5,000 bills and hundreds of amendments on a variety of issues including education. How do we know which/if any of those bills and amendments might or would adversely affect our nonpublic schools?  When bills come up that affect our schools, how will our schools coordinate a strategy and bring our voices to the Capitol for the best possible dialog with state legislators?

Illinois Coalition of Nonpublic Schools has members from many of the private and parochial schools in the State that work together to present a united voice on legislative issues that affect our schools.  Additionally and importantly, we have full-time lobbyists at the Capitol every day the General Assembly is in session to be the voices of our nonpublic school membership.  Our lobbyists review each bill and amendment introduced looking for any that might adversely affect or benefit our schools. They are ready to engage with legislators to bring our concerns on legislation and policy issues quickly and effectively to them.  


Ralph Rivera

Ralph is starting his seventh year as a state lobbyist for ICNS. Ralph has been lobbying at the Illinois State Capitol full-time for over 30 years. He has shared with us that protecting the rights of parents to educate their children in the way they choose, whether home schooling, religious or other private schooling, as well as public schooling is a priority with him.

Both Ralph and Molly are full-time lobbyists who will be at the State Capitol every hour and every day the General Assembly is in session. They will be reading the thousands of bills and amendments that will be introduced in 2019 looking to find any legislation that might adversely affect or help ICNS members. Each week, they will be making legislative reports to ICNS members as well as special alerts any time as needed.

Molly Malone

Molly graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, having completed student teaching at a Christian school in the Quad Cities. She is a strong advocate for private schooling. Molly has legislative and campaign experience working with Illinois legislators. She has worked with Ralph Rivera over the past two years on other legislative and campaign matters.