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ISBE Update- Recognition in
IWAS for 2017-2018


Reminder:  If you are a currently recognized nonpublic school and have not yet renewed your recognition in IWAS for 2017-18, please do so immediately in the Nonpublic Application for Recognition and Calendar system.  That system was originally intended to close on December 18, but it has been extended to January 2.  However, this is a “delicate” system that sometimes does odd things—it would be much better for you to work on this early in case the system does not behave properly for you and you need more time.  Moreover, if you wait until after Christmas to work on this, the odds of there being someone at ISBE to answer your questions will be rather small.  Please continue to think in terms of the 18th even though officially you have until the 2nd, so you will have access to help if something doesn’t work for you.  


And while we’re on this subject….   We’ve had some display problems with the system—the electronic display you would see when completing the application would show last year’s text rather than this year’s.  However, when you elected to view the application, you would see this year’s text.  There are new items this year, so it would appear that you had not answered all of the questions even though you did answer all the ones you had seen.  Many of you probably noticed that the system was in maintenance for a couple of days; it should be back in production later today.  However, it is possible with this fix that those of you who did not answer all of the questions (because you couldn’t see them) may find your application back in draft status.  So please, everyone check your applications in ISBE—if the last assurance you answered is not about concussions, then your application will need to be completed.  If you need help in opening the application to do this, please contact me.  


There remain other issues within the recognition application, so there might be further fixes.  If you see the system marked “under maintenance,” then just come back later.  Maintenance normally does not take very long.  Thanks for your patience. In Peace,  


Debbie Senoff Langford M.Ed
Principal Rogers Park Montessori School
1800 W. Balmoral Ave, Chicago, IL 60640